What is an Aircraft Drill Bit?

When one is working with equipment that requires drilling, it is always important to have the safest and most efficient drill bit types for the task at hand. Based on the industry and what pieces are being worked on, there are a few ways in which drill bits are designed and used. For drills used in the aerospace and aviation industry, such drill bits exhibit a long length, allowing them to drill holes that reach into deep cavities and thin materials. Constructed from high quality steel, such bits may be used for both manual and bench drills, and they are regularly found in factories and aircraft repair shops. With their high performance and optimal costs, it can be highly beneficial to familiarise yourself with such equipment to determine if it is a good choice for your needs.

6” threaded drill bit sets are common, often being around twice the length of a standard bit type. Depending on one’s needs, the thickness of the bit may vary, enabling holes of different sizes to be established in a material with ease. Generally, bits will reach upwards of ½” in diameter, though the most common uses only demand those that are ?” and smaller. Nevertheless, having a diverse set of drill bit variations in your tool box can ensure that you are always prepared for any task at hand.

While aircraft drill bits are mostly used for aviation purposes, they can also be used for standard operations such as the assembly of wooden furniture and more. With a drill bit, pilot holes can rapidly be established for the means of implementing screws. Additionally, creating counterbore holes and clearance holes can be done much easier when compared to other drill bit options.

6” drill bits are fairly inexpensive, and it is common for such components to come in sets so that you can easily have a range of diameters for all types of operations. There are many manufacturers who produce such components, and some of the best options are those made from high-speed steel. If 6” bits are too short and one needs something longer, 12” bits are another viable option. Similarly coming in sets of varying thicknesses, 12” bit screws perform the same functions of their 6” counterparts, all while reaching deeper into cavities and spaces.

While 6” and 12” drill bits are quite popular, there are other types of drill bits that one may use as well. Jobber length drill bits are those that feature a straight shank, and they can be used for numerous operations. Generally, they come in A, B, J, and D types, and many follow NAS 907 specifications. Screw machine length aircraft drill bits are another option, often catering to hand drills for when stiffer bits are needed. These drill bits may be procured in type C HSS and type F cobalt variations. The final bits are special bits, those of which are designed to produce countersinks and counterbores for screws and other fastener types to be installed in a piece.

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September 21, 2022

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