Standard Tasks Carried Out in the Turnaround of an Airplane

The turnaround process of an airplane is a meticulously orchestrated operation that involves carrying out several tasks to ensure the aircraft is ready for its next flight. From the moment an aircraft lands until the moment it takes off again, a series of critical checks and maintenance activities are performed to guarantee passenger safety and operational efficiency. In this article, we will explore the essential tasks carried out during the aircraft turnaround process with a particular focus on maintenance so you can have a better understanding of what airliners do in between flights.

Upon touchdown, the first area that receives an in-depth inspection is the landing gear. During this process, highly trained ground crew members examine the landing gear assembly for any signs of damage or wear. This includes checking the tires for proper inflation, inspecting the brake assembly for any anomalies, and examining the landing gear doors to ensure they are functioning correctly. Any issues identified during this inspection are promptly reported so that the aircraft does not take off before maintenance is carried out.

Simultaneously, the airframe undergoes a thorough visual inspection. This involves checking the overall structural integrity of the aircraft, including the fuselage, wings, and tail. The ground crew looks for any signs of dents, scratches, or cracks which may have occurred during the flight or while on the ground. Additionally, they will look over the aircraft's exterior surfaces for debris, ensuring that the plane is clean and free from any potential contaminants that could impact its aerodynamic performance.

As one of the most critical components of an aircraft, the engine receives special attention during the turnaround process. Highly trained technicians carry out a standard inspection of the engine, checking for any abnormal sounds, leaks, or visual indications of damage. They also inspect the engine's components, such as the fan blades, compressor, and turbine, ensuring they are in optimal condition. In addition, technicians verify the engine's fluid levels and replenish them if necessary, ensuring that the engine is ready to deliver at peak performance during the next flight.

As modern aircraft rely heavily on advanced sensor systems to monitor various parameters during flight, these sensors play a crucial role in ensuring the aircraft operates within safe limits. During the turnaround process, these sensors are often tested and checked to verify their accuracy and functionality. The data provided by the sensors that monitor factors such as airspeed, altitude, fuel levels, and temperature are then compared with known standards to ensure their proper operation. While many engineering checks are conducted during the turnaround process, the exact activities carried out vary based on whether checks and inspection tasks need to be done daily, weekly, etc.

In addition to these key inspection and maintenance tasks, another major aspect of the turnaround process is cleaning and prepping the cabin for the next set of passengers. This involves workers going into the cabin with equipment so that it is thoroughly cleaned. Similarly, waste containers are emptied, lavatories are serviced, and fresh supplies, such as food and beverages, are restocked. The aircraft's onboard systems, including the pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems, are also checked to ensure they are functioning correctly. Outside of the aircraft, ground personnel will begin refueling the aircraft and determining what baggage and cargo must be taken off or loaded onto the aircraft. Once all standard tasks are executed and checks are completed, the aircraft can be started and brought to a position on the runway where it can prepare for takeoff.

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