What are Gearboxes and Their Common Types?

A gearbox is a type of contained gear train, housing a series of integrated gears that are capable of managing speed and torque between a driving device and a load. Gearboxes may use a variation of gear types to facilitate the operations of specific machinery, and common forms include bevel gears, planetary gears, worm gears, and much more. With the addition of shaft mounting and rotation made possible through the implementation of rolling element bearings, such devices are well capable of transferring energy. In this blog, we will discuss some of the main types of gearboxes that one may use, allowing you to better understand your options for power transfer applications.

A helical gearbox is a type that features compact construction and low power operations. Often, such devices serve various industrial applications that are more heavy duty, including the construction of rubber, cement, plastics, and more. For low-power applications, the helical gearbox may also be present within crushers, conveyors, coolers, and extruders. With their standard orientation of being fixed at an angle, an increased amount of teeth may interact in a similar direction so that constant contact is achieved for a time. For heavy-duty applications such as quarries, mining, and conveyors, the coaxial helical gearbox is an optimal choice. With their high degree of specification, such equipment pieces feature peak load and transmission ratios.

The bevel helical gearbox is a type with a cone-shaped structure that is fitted with a curved set of teeth. With their use, such devices can transmit rotary motions between non-parallel shafts. Skew bevel helical gearboxes are a variation that presents rigid and monolithic construction, capable of customization in regard to teeth and gear numbers. Skew bevel helical gearboxes are often mounted on a motor shaft output and are best for heavy-duty applications.

A worm reduction gearbox, or worm gearbox, is a type that is relied on for driving heavy-duty systems. Such devices are notable for their use of a worm wheel that exhibits a large diameter. As the gear meshes with the gearbox’s teeth along its peripheral, a resulting rotation can be achieved with movement similar to a screw. The worm gearbox is quite useful when non-intersecting crossed axis shafts require speed reduction, and they are often used for applications relating to chemicals, minerals, and fertilizers.

When accuracy and endurance is a must, the planetary gearbox is efficient. With a central sun gear and surrounding planet gears, power can be spread across the gears for an increased amount of torque to be achieved with a small space. Planetary gearboxes are present within a number of modern systems, commonly aiding robotics, 3D printing, and much more. Planetary gearboxes are also quite robust, and there are a number of sub-types that may be procured for specific needs.

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September 21, 2022

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