How to Determine If Your Hydraulic Pump is Facing an Issue?

Hydraulic systems are highly important for the operations of various machinery and vehicles, allowing for a great amount of force to be achieved efficiently and with ease. Hydraulic power and pressure is created through the use of hydraulic pump components, such equipment being capable of converting the electrical energy supplied from a motor into fluid pressure. As hydraulic pump components often face the most wear during operations, they can often degrade over time and begin to exhibit various issues. In order to prevent the chance of part or system failure, one should familiarize themselves with the common symptoms of hydraulic pump problems.

Similar to many other types of parts, one of the first telltale signs of a pump problem is unusual sounds. Generally, healthy hydraulic pumps will operate very quietly, though noises may increase over time as they begin to deteriorate and wear down. If there is air present in the system or cavitation begins to form due to a low amount of pressure, banging and knocking sounds may occur. It is important that such issues are treated quickly as they can often lead to serious issues if not remedied right away. Oftentimes, such problems can be absolved by identifying the point where air is entering the system and quickly carrying out a fix.

As hydraulic pumps and hydraulic components in general operate through fluid pressure, interior and exterior leaks can be highly detrimental. Many leaks will occur within the machine, meaning that there will be no exterior signs of a malfunction. Generally, these issues will exhibit themselves in the form of performance losses, sudden pressure drops, or the presence of oil on the outside of the hydraulic pump assembly. To remedy such issues, a common solution is to either tighten or replace valves or seals at the point of the leak, possibly staving off a system-wide failure which can be highly problematic.

If seals are replaced and leaks and failures continue to occur, the issue may actually be pinpointed to a rod that is either bent or misaligned. Such issues can range in their complexity, and it is recommended to have the pump brought into a reputable service shop so that the equipment may be properly inspected and maintained. Additionally, going such routes can save you time and money as your current equipment can be brought back to working order, rather than having to go out of your way to fully replace such items and deal with increased costs and lead-times.

When purchasing spare or replacement parts for maintenance endeavors, one should always utilize top manufacturer items that they can steadily rely on. These can come from various sources, reputable manufacturers being those like United Technologies Corporation and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. With the use of a reputable distributor, you can also gain access to a plethora of hydraulic system components to meet various needs with ease. When it comes time to begin sourcing your hydraulic pump parts, let the experts at NSN Stocks rapidly fulfill your requirements with unmatched pricing and lead-times.

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September 21, 2022

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