What are Dzus Fasteners?

Fasteners are hardware components found in countless industries and applications, serving to establish connections between components to create assemblies or secure items to surfaces. Fasteners come in many different forms to accommodate varying applications, and each range in their complexity. The quarter-turn fastener, also known as the Dzus fastener, is a more complex component, featuring a 90-degree turn for installation that ensures security.

The Dzus fastener is often compared to a traditional bolt as a result of their general appearance and having a head on one end of the shaft, but the two components differ from one another in the design of their shank and their installation. While a traditional bolt has an externally threaded shank that assists in the installation process, quarter-turn fasteners like the Dzus fastener feature a smooth shaft with an enclosed cam lock element.

While the Dzus fastener lacks the major popularity of its various counterparts, it is by no means a new type of hardware. In fact, the Dzus fastener derives its name from its creator, William Dzus, who designed and invented the fastener during the 1930s. Since the debut of the original Dzus fastener, multiple iterations have come about over the yedars, all of which feature the same 90-degree turn for their installation.

For the installation of a Dzus fastener, the hardware component must first be engaged with a cross pin. To conduct the turn, a simple screwdriver or alternate tool with a bit that matches the Dzus fastener head will be required. The tool can then be used to begin turning the head of the Dzus fastener, and the cross pin will start rising up the enclosed cam. This motion causes a loading action, and the cross pin will fall into the detent of the fastener upon reaching a complete 90 degree turn of the head.

In order for quarter-turn fasteners to remain secured in their installation, they utilize a spring. With a spring, force can be applied to the cross pin. While the cross pin remains concealed within the fastener body, the rotation of the head will begin engaging the spring so that the pin is forced into the detent. Once enough force has been applied for the cross pin to fully fall into the detent, the fastener will effectively be locked in place.

As compared to other fasteners that can provide for a similar solution, there are various advantages to the quarter-turn fastener. For example, they allow for easy installation as only simple tools such as screwdrivers are needed. Additionally, they feature a very strong locking capability that ensures that security is upheld, even in the case of heavy vibration. With such components being available in a wide number of materials, sizes, and variations, one can eliminate the need for riveting, simplifying the assembly process.

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September 21, 2022

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