Which Companies Make Parts for Boeing?

As a leading global aerospace company, Boeing is highly dependent on a vast amount of materials, components, and assemblies from a widespread network of trusted manufacturers. They hold high standards of quality for the suppliers and manufacturers they rely on, ensuring the safety and efficiency of their aircraft. In this blog, we will explore several of the major raw materials used in Boeing manufacturing as well as define many of the key suppliers which Boeing depends on.

What Are The Raw Materials Used In Boeing Products?

For all that they do, Boeing is dependent on essential materials and various components from suppliers and subcontractors. The most important raw materials required in their operations are aluminum, titanium, and composite materials including carbon and boron fibers. Boeing also depends on availability of energy sources such as electricity. There are many different suppliers who provide these materials and energy sources, but the process required for the accreditation which Boeing expects of its suppliers can take a year or more. As such, Boeing relies on many major components and essential materials that are procured or subcontracted on a sole-source basis.

What Are Some Key Boeing Suppliers?

Spirit AeroSystems: Headquartered in Kansas, Spirit AeroSystems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aerostructures (components of an aircraft’s airframe such as fuselage, wings, and flight control surfaces) within the commercial, defense, and private sectors. With innovative composite design and expertise in aluminum, they are an established source for many of the fuselage and aerostructures found aboard Boeing aircraft.

Precision Castparts Corp.: Boeing also depends on Precision Castparts Corp. for aerostructures. As the name implies, this company is a leading producer of cast metal structures including large structural investment casings, airfoil casings, forged components, and critical fasteners for aerospace applications.

Triumph Group: Triumph Group is another major manufacturer of aerostructures for Boeing with key products including wings, wing boxes, fuselage panels, horizontal and vertical tails, and sub-assemblies.

Pratt & Whitney: Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines are widely used in both civil and military aviation including on Boeing aircraft. Their advancements in aircraft engine design have made major impacts on the aviation industry beginning with their first engine, the R-1340 Wasp, which powered the planes of Wiley Post, Amelia Earhart, and those of many other record flights.

Collins Aerospace: Focused on delivering enhanced passenger safety and comfort, operational efficiency, and secure connectivity, Collins Aerospace is another of the world’s largest providers of parts and systems for commercial aircraft. As such, Boeing relies on them for a large amount of their aircraft components and parts.

Honeywell: Aside from Collins Aerospace, Boeing also relies on Honeywell for many of its aircraft components. Honeywell is a company with a long history of products which have revolutionized flight including massive advancements in digital instruments in the cockpit.

General Electric Co.: General Electric Co. has made a name for itself within a great number of industries including healthcare, power, and renewable energy. In the aviation industry, they have become an established manufacturer of aircraft engines for major military and commercial companies.

Rolls-Royce: For nearly three decades, Rolls-Royce has been creating turbofan aircraft engines for major aircraft in civil and defense aviation. They have their sights set on sustainable digital and electric designs and already supply aircraft engines on many Boeing aircraft.


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