What is a Fly Away Kit?

While flight has radically changed our ability to traverse the world and reach new heights since its inception, the aviation industry is still in a stage of constant evolution. As the applications of aircraft continue to diversify and the demands of operations grow, the industry is always seeking ways in which technology and offerings can improve to accommodate rising needs. Whether an aircraft is a standard commercial airliner or a military transportation jet, all aircraft may find a time in which they need quick access to special equipment, tools, and spare parts. Known as a fly away kit, such containers may come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate many parts and equipment sets.

Despite a number of fixed base operators and maintenance facilities being located across the world, aircraft may not always run into issues or need specific equipment pieces when there are convenient locations nearby. As such, a fly away kit aircraft set can assist operators and aircraft personnel in attending to specific issues in the case of an emergency or when there is no access to a specific tool or facility. Furthermore, fly away kits may also be useful for lowering the amount of downtime an aircraft spends when an issue occurs, as one could store and transport spare parts to use for repair on common issues or in areas that one knows there may be a future need for maintenance. By bringing along spare parts in a fly away kit, operators may be able to skip the sourcing process entirely during an incident through preparation and planning.

In the case of an emergency, such as a crash landing, fly away kits may also provide storage for safety and emergency kits. In some United States Air Force aircraft, for example, fly away kits may serve for transporting emergency radio frequency transmission systems in the case that individuals need to request help in the event of a crash. By using satellite radio transmission kits, Air Force members may be able to establish communication even in very remote areas. Because of this, fly away kits can serve immense safety benefits beyond the simple transportation of spare parts. In both civil and defense applications, fly away kits may also be used to bring equipment for conducting self repairs as well. As such, a flat tire may prove less detrimental to a flight plan if the operator can use equipment from their fly away kit rather than waiting to find a fixed base operator or mechanic.

Depending on the size of the aircraft and the amount of equipment or parts that one wishes to transport within their fly away kit, storage capacities and sizes may range from simple toolboxes to large containers. With some of the most robust options, foldable loading ramps may even be provided to minimize downtime and make the loading process as quick as possible. Some manufacturers may also offer services for customizing fly away kits, ensuring that their specifications meet all the requirements needed for carrying out operations.

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September 21, 2022

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