How Can You Tell if Your Engine Needs Repairing?

Do you sense an impending engine overhaul? A common concern amongst many pilots, aircraft engineers, and aviation enthusiasts is the imminent failure of one's aircraft engine. No matter how much detailed maintenance or care is put into one's engine, parts inevitably wear down and can cause the entire system to malfunction. Not only is a complete engine overhaul financially taxing, it can also be time consuming and stressful to replace numerous parts, making the rebuilding process desirable to some.

For the sake of cost efficiency, engine rebuild kits become essential in repairing qualifying engines. Candidates suitable for a rebuild include engines experiencing power loss, poor fuel mileage, and an increasing amount of oil consumption. When choosing an engine kit best fit for your application, common manufacturing competitors include Hawker Beechcraft Ltd, Cessna Aircraft Company, Cummins Power Systems LLC, Mccauley Propeller, and Volvo Penta Of The Americas LLC. To locate the root of your engine problem and pinpoint the exact impairment, it is best to begin with the common sources of most engine failures. Within this blog, we will highlight the fundamental components that are at the highest risk and how to determine whether or not they need repair

Oil Consumption and Oil Pressure

Signs of excessive oil consumption and reduced oil pressure can indicate that an engine requires maintenance. Typically caused by gaps between parts in an engine due to prolonged wear and tear, these issues can lead to excess oil being burned off by the engine, frequently accompanied by blue exhaust. Other items to keep an eye on are broken piston rings, worn bearings, and worn valve guides.

Atypical Engine Sounds

If your engine is producing unwanted or atypical noises, it may be time for an inspection and potential requild. By keeping a keen ear to your engine, things to pay heavy attention to are rattling noises, chattering noises, and knocking noises produced by excess clearance between the piston and cylinder bore. All of these sounds can be attributed to valve-train issues, worn pistons, excessive clearances, inadequate oil, and more.

Spark Plugs

Exceedingly important in making sure your vehicle can function, a spark plug creates the initial spark needed to initiate the combustion process within an engine. Although incredibly durable, spark plugs, and the parts that supply them with power, can wear down and negatively impact an ignition system. In order to function properly, spark plugs must be capable of withstanding countless explosions. Faulty spark plugs can be identified by visible gaps between their lead components, reduced efficiency & misfiring, as well as corrosion in the form of black deposits.


A primary sign of a malfunctioning radiator includes coolant loss from the system, indicating a blown gasket or cylinder pressure leak. When examining the radiator after it has been warmed up and has had its radiator cap removed, bubbles are indicative of cylinder pressure leaking into the coolant whereas the odor of gasoline or exhaust within the coolant can be symptomatic of a blown gasket.


Located within the radiator, if compression loss is detected and all other aforementioned areas have been checked, the issue may lie within your exhaust valves. Over time, after prolonged exposure to forces imposed on a valve and valve guide, the valve itself can burn and prevent the combustion chamber from fully closing. Known as burnt exhaust valves, or sticky valves, the impairment of this component can lead to compression loss.

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September 21, 2022

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